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CONSTRUMA 2017 – Full of Liveliness

Exhibitors and visitors alike were satisfied upon the closure of the 36th Construma on Sunday. The greatest home making and construction industry assortment of exhibitions of the Central Eastern European region attracted even more visitors than last year, with nearly 60 thousand guests attending the exhibition at the Hungexpo Budapest Fair Center. The first construction industry job fair was highly successful, which was Hungexpo's way of reacting to one of the greatest problems of the industry.

This year's drive had a great effect on not only the construction industry, but also the greatest domestic professional exhibition of the construction industry. Far more exhibitors attended Construma than ever before with nearly 700 exhibitors from 20 countries, most of whom already indicated that they would be returning next year. After last year's record attendance, there was an additional nearly 10 percent increase in visitor numbers, which clearly shows the growing interest in construction.

Minister of State for Parliamentary and Taxation Affairs András Tállai of the Ministry for National Economy (NGM) explained at the opening ceremony that the construction industry is experiencing a particular drive, and it is promising that based on an annual comparison, the volume of new contracts increased by 212 percent. He added that this was accompanied by a significant increase in the number of flat constructions, with nearly 10 thousand new flats built in the past one year. They expect to witness a significant increase of flat construction in this year and the following years: the number of occupied newly built flats will be around 15-20 thousand in 2017 and 20-25 thousand in 2018.

The significance of Construma is clearly demonstrated by the fact that this isn't the first time the government made important construction and energy industry-related announcements for the upcoming period at the event. Minister of State for Development and Climate Policy and Priority Public Utility Services Zsolt Szabó of the Ministry for National Development (NFM) announced the new round of the Otthon melege (Warmth of Home) program at the Öko City event hosted as part of the Hungarotherm exhibition. The HUF 3.5 billion frame amount announcement allows for the renovation of furnaces and chimneys with tenders accepted from June of this year.

One of the most popular features of the exhibition was this year's innovation, the JÖVŐ OTTHONA (Home of the Future) project. The designers of the National Association of Interior Designers interactively demonstrated through the interior spaces they created how a smart home can be cost-effective, comfortable and highly trendy. A unique feature of the "smart house" on display was that they directed the devices with various controls located throughout the rooms with the use of a single device, a tablet, including shadowing technology, illumination, heating and air conditioning as well as water treatment and security technology devices.

This year, the professional forums and conferences hosted alongside Construma were more successful than ever before. According to the feedback of our partners, hundreds of people participated at these events. As customary, the professional organizations, including the Chamber of Hungarian Engineers and the Hungarian Chamber of Architects hosted their advance training programs at Construma, yielding professional points for the participants. Numerous professional organizations held their assembly at the exhibition. The so-called professional guided tours also successfully debuted at the event, with nearly 200 professionals taking part in nine tours in five different subjects. The information lectures for vocational schools were also highly successful, along with the counseling sessions and demonstrations of various trades.

As the greatest exhibition organizer of the country, Hungexpo Zrt. feels obliged to deal with the most pressing issues of the industry in question. Since the greatest challenge for the Hungarian construction industry in 2017 is the lack of capacity and work force, it decided to host a job fair with Randstad, Europe's second biggest human resource consultancy. The first Construma-Randstad job fair was more successful than expected. According to the preliminary data of the organizers, over 350 people participated at the workshops and 200 people were registered in the firm's database. Based upon the data of the employers, the most in-demand positions are: operators, forklift operators, construction engineers and construction industry marketing experts.

The "Blow yourself up!” building services engineering adventure game also attracted a great number of visitors along with the Building engineering Formula 1, which consisted of a competition of three and four-wheeled vehicles created by the students of 11 different building services engineering vocational schools.

One of the most dynamically developing elements of the exhibition is OTTHONDesign (HOMEDesign), the highlighted forum of interior design. The MAGYAR DESIGN booth was yet again a great hit amongst visitors, featuring the works of young Hungarian designers and many visited the DOWNLOAD DESIGN KID site which featured unique design furniture for young children with plans which could be subsequently downloaded online free of charge.

This year, CONSTRUMA's partner country was India. The continent-sized country occupied two pavilions with ….. exhibitors across more than 300 square meters. Alongside India, Austria, Czechia, China and Taiwan presented the latest products and innovations from the various countries at their shared, collective stand.

As part of the CONSTRUMA assortment of exhibitions, Hungexpo Zrt. hosted for the sixth time the greatest ornamental plant and landscape architecture exhibition of the spring period, CONSTRUMA KERT (CONSTRUMA GARDEN). Hosted by the Hungarian Association of Landscape Architects (MAKEOSZ), the Hungarian Landscaping Competition and Show again attracted many visitors, with the various works on display at the exhibition. The Hungarian Ornamental Gardening Association (MDSZ) created a 200 square meter sample garden with the Agrármarketing Centrum (AMC), displaying a number of plants blooming in the spring. Another new feature was the OMÉK Ornamental plant and flower fair, which was also hosted by CONSTRUMA Kert's cooperative partner, AMC.


More visitors than ever before attended the 35th Construma, the most significant construction industry and homemaking exhibition of Hungary and the region. At the exhibition hosted at the Hungexpo Budapest Fair Centre from 6 to 10 April, visitors could meet 584 exhibitors from 15 countries on over 19 thousand square meters. Over the 5 days of the event, more than 55 thousand visitors visited the exhibition.  The first three days was for the professional trade, while the last two were devoted to the general audience. The growing interest can be captured in the fact that six thousand more visitors attended the professional days than in the previous year.

This year CONSTRUMA was devoted to innovative construction materials, construction products and solutions. One of the exhibition’s highlighted subject was the government’s new home financing scheme. There was huge interest in the CSOK information booth operated by the Government, where visitors could get the latest information on the family housing allowance scheme and the National Housing Allowance Communities.

At the exhibition’s opening, István Lepsényi, state secretary for economic development and regulation of the Ministry for National Economy (NGM) said: the government’s measures, the growing opportunities of families and the performance of market operators will together establish the foundation for a new drive behind the Hungarian construction industry.

Furthermore, he added that the family tax benefits, the increasing salaries and the low inflation environment provide an opportunity to speed up the growth rate of the domestic construction industry.

In his opening address, Gábor Ganczer, CEO of Hungexpo Zrt. stated that as a result of the new, favourable investment environment, the increasing real estate market demand and the targeted governmental subsidies, the construction industry has began to show growth.

The exhibition is indicative of the trends since the exhibitors of the renewed Construma have long reserved the best spots and - as the pride of the organizers - this year’s approximately 600 firms and organizations included 124 new exhibitors.

The development ministry announced at the Construma that as the sixth element of the Otthon Melege programme, they will be announcing tenders for the energetic renewal of family homes. Zsolt Szabó, state secretary for development and climate policy of the NGM stated: the program will be focused on family homes below 135 square meters built prior to 1995. The owners of these homes can request support for external insulation, the replacement of portals and the modernization or replacement of heating systems as well as for renewable energy devices.

Since the subject of renewable energies was one of the most popular fields of the assortment of exhibitions, the 4th RENEO exhibition was again located in a separate hall. The main subject of the professional events accompanying the exhibition was energy efficiency and renewable energies. There were many in attendance at the related events, for example at the conference hosted by the Hungarian Energy Association.

One of the most significant professional events at the CONSTRUMA exhibition was the international conference entitled Innovations in architectural thinking and practice, the Energy efficiency options of our settlements and The use of geothermal energy professional forums, as well as the GREEN CITY – Green infrastructure conference, and the National Real Estate Conference.

The professional nature of the assortment of exhibitions is well illustrated by the fact that in 2016, the Chamber of Hungarian Architects provided its members with yet another point for attending the exhibition and taking part in the two-day training.

The Hungarian Chamber of Engineers hosted the Engineer’s Day at the Construma, during which they held an obligatory legal training for engineers with a building services engineering or building electricity certification.

The event – which was attended by approximately one hundred and fifty practising professionals – was also the debut of the chamber’s new training system.

The assortment’s most dynamically developing key element is OTTHONDesign, a highlighted forum of furnishings and design. As part of this event and for the first time this year, they hosted the kitchen technology and device oriented KITCHENShow, which was more successful than expected.

In its second year, Download Design, an event created through the joint cooperation of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, the Furniture Association and Hungexpo, proved to be highly successful yet again. Whilst in 2015, the main theme was focused on the first independent home, this year, designers focused on the arrival of the first baby of a family, and thus the current name of the project was suitably changed to Download Design Baby.

A wide range of creative furniture was completed, specifically for the 0-3 year old age group.

Enthusiasts gained access to freely downloadable design furniture plans, which are affordable and easily realized amongst the current circumstances of Hungarian carpenters. (The success of the project is well illustrated by the fact that Download Design was nominated for the Highlights of Hungary 2015 Award, which means it was chosen as one of the most creative projects of Hungary.)

For the fifth time this year, the assortment of exhibitions was complemented by the greatest ornamental plant and gardening exhibition of the spring period, CONSTRUMA GARDEN.

As always since its outset, the event’s professional support was provided by the Association of Landscape Contractors of Hungary (MAKEOSZ).

For the second time, the exhibition was joined by the most prestigious domestic professional real estate exhibition, the Flat Fair, which provides an introductory opportunity for businesses focused on the sale and financing of new and used real estate.

Many visitors were attracted to the greatest domestic lumber industry event, the Ligno Novum – Woodtech, where enthusiasts could find out more about the latest information on the carpenter and lumber industry, its machines, tools and technologies.

The detailed analysis of last year's visitors can be seen HERE.