Testimony - HUNGEXPO


Comments from some of our exhibitors on the 2020 events:

„The organization and design of the Construma exhibition was excellent and the crowd was surprising despite the virus. We will also take part in the exhibition in the spring. Thanks to the organizers”
Ferenc Antal, Managing Director, CEC Connector Bt.

„The charm of the Construma, apart from the decline in the number of exhibitors, is unchanged in my opinion. As a positive effect of the virus situation, I would like to highlight that our stand was mainly visited by targeted visitors. Our message reached our visitors, which we were able to present in a worthy place”
Boglárka Varga, Head of Building and Garden Construction, SW Umwelttechnik

“We’re glad we didn’t step back from the show because our exhibition did well in business as well. It is true that we had fewer visitors, but those who came were very serious. We will come next year too!”
Attila Pintér, Managing Director, Nilan Kft.

“The building engineering of a modern house is becoming increasingly complex and requires basic knowledge even at the user level, which will be harder by even stricter energy regulations from 2021 onwards. Consultation with professionals is essential even in the case of a home renovation. At VGF & HKL’s large boiler and heat pump selection booth, we were able to help hundreds of builders despite the strict health protocol! See you again at Construma next year!”
László Szilágyi, VGF & HKL

Comments from some of our exhibitors on the 2019 events:

“ÉMSZ has been the patron of the professional exhibition for over 20 years and its co-chief patron for 3 years. Through our educational, show-like demonstrations, we seek to provide an experience for professional and end user visitors alike.  For the year 2020, we’re preparing something new: we will be creating a spectacular show island in pavilion “A”. I believe that with its wide-ranging accompanying events and the new products demonstrated over the course of 5 days, CONSTRUMA significantly contributes to raising the standards of the industry by informing planners, contractors and the general audience.” President Mátyás Sándor – ÉMSZ Hungarian Association of Insulation, Roofing and Tinners

Comments from some of our exhibitors on the 2018 events:

“Founded in 1992, our Debrecen-based company has established a nationwide system of connections by the early 2000s and we also have developed a nationwide network of retail outlets by now. It’s very difficult for us to mobilize our partners for a national meeting on our own, that’s why we were so happy that Hungexpo, reaching out to the electricity market, provided an opportunity for trading companies like us as well as for our suppliers and manufacturing partners! In a world so accelerated by today’s electronic media, we consider it very important to keep end-users informed about the brands we distribute. Besides, it was great to see that we could successfully reach out to an ever-growing group of professional visitors by inviting our professional customer base to a “Construma” meeting. The joint study and discussion of the latest innovative solutions helped us intensify our relations with our partners, both on the supplier and the buyer side, too.
Gábor Párkányi, marketing manager, Daniella Kereskedelmi Kft

Our company, PREFA Hungária Kft has been a recurring exhibitor of Construma Construction Industry Exhibition year by year.
Our presence at this event allows us to physically showcase our products for developers, architects and all interested parties, introduce our novelties and provide professional advice even before or as part of the planning process.

The quality and attendance of the exhibition has been growing constantly; the accompanying events and the various initiatives (e.g., guided tours) have become more and more popular both with professionals and lay visitors as well.
For PREFA Hungária Kft, Construma means the most important end-user marketing tool, so we treat the exhibition as a key event for our company. Nothing could show it more clearly than the fact that we have already won the award for the most beautiful stand in the large stand category twice.
We are going to bring new products and colours to next year’s exhibition again and we hope that the public will respond with the same enthusiasm as before.”
Judit Nemere, chartered structural engineer, managing director, PREFA Hungária Kft

“The level of building and investment has increasingly developed in Hungary and the region alike, due to which professional exhibitions and events receive a particular significance. In terms of both its volume and degree of professionalism, the CONSTRUMA/HUNGAROTHERM exhibition is a great opportunity for the brands and businesses of the country to present themselves to their competitors, parties of interest and naturally, to their clients. We’ve been working together with the Hungexpo team for years and I feel this is one of the keys to the success of the exhibitors over the recent years and their work is a great help in designing and hosting the perfect exhibition and exposure.”
András Takács, Development and marketing manager, Planning & Trading Kft.

“Where the construction industry comes to life.”
László Szilágyi, head of marketing, Merkapt Zrt.

“Arezzo design participated in the CONSTRUMA/ OTTHONDesign exhibition with a separate stand for the first time in 2018. It was definitely a positive experience for our company, not to mention that the exhibition was also a business success for us….
….there were always a lot of people at our stand. Perhaps the organized visits were less successful….
Yet overall it was a great opportunity, which is why we booked twice as much space for 2019.”
Gábor Jelinek, Arezzo Design Kft.

Comments from some of our exhibitors on the 2017 events:

“Each market sector needs a comprehensive professional event where competitors, partners and potential consumers can all gather under one roof. As the demand for construction projects is on the rise, Construma has an especially important role in presenting our novelties, our complex, now also flat-top roof solutions in one bundle to private customers, thus inspiring residential project owners already in the planning phase. That is why we participate in this exhibition year by year to showcase our innovations, so that we could meet consumers, partners and join the professional forums.”
Gábor Miheller, managing director, Bramac Ltd.

“The flexibility of the Hungexpo team is amazing. They helpfully and honestly guide exhibitors’ organizers and marketing staff along the road to a successful presentation. They are great to work with!”
András Lányi, marketing manager, FAKRO Hungary Ltd.

„Both in relation to Construma as well as our more specialized field, Hungarotherm is one of the most important events for us. It’s good to identify a reliable and suitably high quality event where both our professional and end-user partners can present their latest products. We feel the presence of constructors is important at exhibitions in order familiarize themselves with continuously developing and expanding construction industry solutions and to make conscious decisions on the technical content to be installed.”
Ákos Chappon, company manager, Helios fans, Kamleithner-Budapest Kft.